Golden Fry Tech Oil Saving Plate
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Reduce Oil Absorption
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Reduce Fat Calories
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Reduce Carcinogens
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Reduce Cooking Time
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Enhance Flavor
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Why Use Golden Fry Tech (GFT)
Return On Investment ―
35% to 50% reduction in cooking oil costs
Save thousands of dollars yearly in cooking oil expenses alone! The use of Golden Fry Tech has been proven to prolong the life of cooking oil and reduce related costs by at least 35 to 50%. Plus, foods cook faster and at lower temperatures resulting in residual savings in energy costs.
Save Thousands of Dollars Yearly on Oil Expenses
Save thousands of dollars yearly on oil expenses.

The chart illustrates 5 oil change intervals (daily through every 5th day). It is calculated for a 50lb. capacity fryer, with average oil costs US$35.00 per box of oil, where the average deep fryer uses approximately 1.5 boxes of oil. Top off oil is calculated in this example as 35% of total oil usage. Results may vary by 5% - 10% depending upon types of foods fried.


Three years

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